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The most important questions at a glance

Questions about the reservation

What are the rental conditions? In case of renting a vehicle, the customer must be at least 25 years old (for Turbo models, the minimum age is 35 years) and have a drivers license for at least 5 years. Can I rent a car with a foreign driver's license? Yes you can. As a customer outside the EU, however, you need a valid international driver's license. For customers from EU countries, the respective national driver's license is sufficient. How can I reserve a vehicle? A vehicle can only be reserved online at It is not possible to reserve a vehicle by phone or at your local Drive Rental station. Can I reserve more than one vehicle in the same period? If you would like to reserve more vehicles in the same period, please contact your Porsche Drive Rental location directly, as this is not yet possible online. What is the 'long-term rent'? In addition to the standard rent, some rental stations offer a 'long-term rent' for the Taycan.Here you get more information. How does the long-term rent differ from the standard rent? Standard rentLong-term rentMaximum rental period28 days3 months (á 30 days)Price advantage at *Rental duration up to 21 daysRental period from 21 daysBilling period (tariff)Daily (every 24 hours you started)Monthly (30 days each started)PricesSee price listSee price list *Without taking into account the free kilometers How can I cancel my reservation? Your reservation can be cancelled for free until 24 hours before the start of the journey by stating the reservation number, date and name by e-mail or by telephone directly to the respective Porsche Drive Rental Station. In case of cancellation <24 hours before the start of the journey, 50% of the rental fee will be due. Can I change my reservation later? Your reservation can be changed at any time, provided that the desired vehicle class is available in the desired period. Please contact the respective Porsche Drive Rental station. When will my credit card be charged? Your credit card will only be charged for the rental amount and the deposit when the vehicle is handed over at the respective rental station. I need more kilometers than the included kilometers. Can I add additional kilometers? Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to book additional kilometers in advance. When you return the vehicle, you pay a flat rate for each additional kilometer. What vehicle models are available? The models vary depending on the location. Basically, different motorizations are available per station. You will get an overview of all vehicle classes after you have selected a rental station in the reservation process. You can select other rental stations in the reservation process at any time by clicking on the tab of the rental station and then selecting the link "All rental stations". For more information on the available engine options, special equipment or colors of the vehicles, please contact the respective Porsche Drive Rental Station. Are turbo vehicle models available? For current availability, see the respective Porsche Drive Rental Station. ( How and when will I pay my rent? The voucher can be redeemed when the rental contract is created or when the vehicle is handed over by entering or presenting the voucher number.The payment is only possible with a credit card. At handover, the expected amount plus the deposit will be reserved on the credit card. When the vehicle is returned, the amount already reserved plus any additional costs (e.g. additional kilometers, etc.) will be retained from the credit card. Can I use several credit card ? You can deposit several credit cards in your PorscheID. The rental amount and the deposit can be distributed to different credit cards. The rental amount can only be blocked as a total amount (the same applies to the deposit). Where can I find all relevant contract documents? You will get all documents digitally by e-mail (rental contract, handover and return protocol as well as the invoice). You will also find your reservation confirmation and the invoice in your Porsche ID mailbox. If you need the documents printed out in addition, the respective location will be happy to do this for you.

Questions about vouchers and redemption

When can I use my voucher? / When can I redeem my voucher? The voucher can be redeemed when the rental agreement is drawn up or, at the latest, when the vehicle is handed over by entering or presenting the voucher number. The voucher can be redeemed at all German Porsche Drive Rental locations. Any remaining credit can be used for further Porsche Drive Rental trips and is stored in the system. The value of the voucher or the remaining credit can be paid out. In the case of theft of the voucher, the exhibitor accepts no liability for unlawful redemption. redemption.. Can I purchase a Porsche Drive Rental voucher directly at a Porsche Drive Rental location? Unfortunately not, please buy vouchers via this Link What happens if the amount of my voucher is less than the desired rate? These are value vouchers. The prices of the rates may vary at the time of purchase and redemption of the voucher. The possible additional costs are charged to the customer. How long are Porsche Drive Rental coupons valid? The voucher is valid for three years after the end of the calendar year. Vouchers can only be purchased online at

Questions about the pickup of the rental car

How will my credit card be charged? At the handover, the deposit (€ 2.500 resp. € 5.000 for turbo, GT and classic vehicles) and the rental amount will be blocked on your credit card. Please make sure that your credit card has an equivalent limit of payment before you pick up the car. If the blocked amount exceeds your credit card limit, your credit card will be refused by our payment provider and we will not be able to hand over the vehicle to you. Can I pay cash or leave the deposit in cash? A cash payment of the rental amount or the deposit is not possible. You will need a credit card with the relevant limit. How much is the deposit? When you pick up the rental car, a deposit will be paid as security for the rental car. This deposit amount is reserved on the credit card. The deposit is € 2.500 resp. € 5.000 for turbo, GT and classic vehicles. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay the deposit in cash. Please note that the crediting of the deposit can take up to two weeks after the return of the vehicle. Can I add a second driver? For the registration of the second driver in the rental contract, you will have to present us all the original documents (such as driver's license and ID card/passport) when you pick up the vehicle. The same basic conditions apply to the second driver as to the driver. The second driver is included with Porsche Drive Rental. Can I return the rental vehicle early? The rental car can be returned early within the opening hours. A reduction of the rental amount is not possible. I will probably be late for vehicle pick up, what can I do? If you are late to pick up the vehicle, please inform your location immediately by phone. The vehicle will be held for you for up to 30 minutes when you pick it up. If you have not reported by then, your claim to the vehicle expires.

On the road (in a rental car)

Special features for trips abroad Please inquire about road traffic specifics before you entering any other country. The renter himself is responsible for compliance with country-specific traffic regulations and the associated timely payment of fines for administrative offenses, tolls and road tolls. These are not part of the contract and must be paid by the renter. Can I enter a foreign country with the rental car? The vehicle is allowed to be used only in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Monaco, Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Vatican. Entry into other countries is strictly prohibited. Freeway fees (e.g. tolls or vignette) are not included in the rental price. Can I smoke in the rental car? Smoking is strictly forbidden in our vehicles. We charge a special cleaning fee to the customer if a returned vehicle requires a special cleaning to remove any signs of smoking Can I take animals in the rental car? / Are animals allowed in the rental car? Unfortunately, animals are not allowed in our rental cars. If you bring animals, we charge an additional cleaning fee. Can I return my rental vehicle outside opening hours? The return of the rental vehicles outside the opening hours is not possible. Can a vehicle be rented at one station and returned at another station? No, the rented vehicle must be returned to the same Porsche Drive Rental station where it was rented. A return to another location is unfortunately not possible.

Help in case of accident or breakdown

Who do I contact in the case of an accident? Please contact the police first and then the relevant Porsche Drive Rental station. • In the case of an accident, it is obvious that the first thing to do is to take all necessary safety precautions for the health and safety of those involved. This means, in particular, securing the accident site and providing first aid if persons have been injured. • Following an accident, theft, fire, damage caused by game or other damage with a rental car, the police must be notified immediately and called. It is irrelevant whether the vehicle was only slightly damaged or the accident was self-inflicted and no other vehicles are involved. • If your rental car is no longer roadworthy, you can contact Porsche Assistance 24/7 I have a technical problem or breakdown with my rental vehicle. Who can I contact? If you have a technical problem with your rental vehicle during the rental period, contact our Porsche Assistance (from DE Tel.: 0800 911 44 55 / from abroad Tel.: +49 89518 18 911). Porsche Assistance is available around the clock on all days.

Help in case of theft or Burglary

What can I do if items are stolen from the rental car? Please inform the police immediately. Who can I contact in case of theft of the rental car? In the case of a theft, please contact the police directly and inform the respective Porsche Drive Rental Station.

After the rental

How can I change the billing address? A change of billing address can only be made before or after the rental. I have forgotten something in the car. Who can I contact? You can contact the respective rental station, where an employee will help you. We assume no liability for lost items. How is a claim calculated and settled? In the case of any damage on return of the vehicle, the deposit paid will be retained for the time being. The Porsche Drive Rental Station will then have the damage assessed by an external expert. The amount of the damage is calculated on the basis of an external appraisal and settled via the credit card deposited in the Porsche ID. The amount of the damage will be deducted from the security deposit. I will probably be late for the return, what can I do? Please inform your location by phone if you will be late for your return, otherwise charges may apply.